Technology has changed everything around us. It gives independence but also creates a Digital Divide. Demystify the latest in tech, use tech fully to enhance your life and become an expert in sharing your rich experiences digitally. Our 3 month program covers 3 unmissable tracks for learners of all segments and is highly engaging so that the non-technical people do not feel left behind!

  • 4 Live Knowledge Workshops per month  
  • Weekly Tips, Facts and Exercises 
  • Live access to Tech Experts for any questions that you may have
  • Access to recorded sessions and additional tips through the program
  • Access to a Live and Thriving Community for ongoing discussions!

The program is created by Technology and Learning experts ensuring it is perfectly suitable for the most non-technical people. 

Gain confidence, ease and comfort with the latest and upcoming developments in Tech   

  • Get Hands-on experience 
  • Knowledge about how latest technologies work under the hood – Blockchain, Crypto, Cybersecurity, Metaverse

Lead, Express and Create with Tech

  • How to use Tech to your advantage : Phone devices, Helpful Apps
  • Using Social Media to share your ideas and experiences
  • Create and Express with Videos and Images

Track 1:  Fearless with Tech : 4 Sessions 

  • Blockchain
    • Crypto, Health and other applications of Blockchain
  • Cybersecurity
    • Fraud Awareness, learning 
    • Securing yourself online
  • Metaverse De-mystified
    • The Technology Used
    • Possibilities with Metaverse 

4. Discover the treasure in your  

  • Phone-Settings 
    • Android / iOS
    • Phone Apps &  Laptop Apps
    • File Transfer across Apps

5. Apps for everything: 

  • Health & Fitness
  • Managing Finances
  • Family Meetings

6. Creator Economy-Social Media 

  • What works and Why

7.  Build Your Online Presence 

  • Making and Editing Videos
  • Using variety of Images

With the 6 month program, master the basic skills and lead with technology in your daily life.

  • Android/iOS Mastery
    • Phone Settings
    • File Transfer across Apps
  • PC/Laptop Mastery
    • Phone Apps & Laptop Apps
    • File Conversions
  • Cross Platform Mastery
    • Connecting Devices
    • File transfers across devices
  • Creator Economy-Social Media
    • What works and Why
    • Your Online Presence
  • Internet of Things
    • Voice Automation with Siri/Alexa
    • Controlling Home Appliances with Wifi
  • Internet of Behaviors
    • Psychology of Habits and Tech
    • How Apps learn Human Behaviors
  • Cybersecurity
    • How fraudsters work
    • Securing yourself online
  • Web3.0
    • Decentralized Apps controlled by people vs company
    • Smart Contracts replacing Human rules and regulations
  • Metaverse
    • Projecting yourself into Parallel World
    • Why people live forever in metaverse
  • Photo Editing Mastery
  • Video Editing Mastery
  • Blog Writing Mastery